Getting your website famous

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Getting your website famous

We may not be able to turn your website into a rockstar and make it famous, but we certainly can get plenty of targeted eyeballs on it. Now there are a number of things to consider and each will need time and effort and even a little expenditure. Things we recommend and can help with include: SEO, Google and Facebook advertising, and social media marketing.

We can assist you with:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Optimisation

Google Magnet (SEO)

Yes, we are talking about SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.
This rather contentious subject is something that everyone seems to be an expert on, including us.  Unlike others, we will keep to the known practises and play fair so Google falls in love with your website and tells your target audience about it.

Google AdWords – Handle with Care

If it is not carefully setup and managed, Google AdWords can be the biggest money pit you will ever meet. It is an advertising bubble driven purely by the market in a bidding war.

No matter what your budget is, we will tread carefully in this arena and make sure that you get maximum punch for dollar.

We can also provide you with marketing strategies for:

  • Facebook & Twitter posting
  • Blog and Article writing
  • Offline marketing
  • Newsletter distribution

Analytic Statistical Metric Data

I know, this is a play on jargon. But seriously, if you want to get ahead, you NEED to monitor your traffic. You need to know how long people are spending on your website, where they came from, did they arrive via a mobile, via a paid ad or natural search, did they get to the contact form, and are they clicking into more than one page before exiting. All of these statistics/analytics are important to know because it paints a big picture of the overall success of your website and marketing/advertising strategies.

You may have heard of Google Analytics – so have we – YUK!!!
These days we tend to stick with because they speak in the language that most people understand. We can set you up and show you the ropes with this ‘easy-to-use’ online analytics tool.  Once you get familiar with Clicky, it’s actually fun to use.


We will work hard to help you achieve success!!!

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